City of Boston Neighborhoods

An unidentified man digs out his car on the day after the storm on South Boston's Day Bouelvard.  (Boston Globe) 

A woman fights to pull her car free on Morrissey Boulevard. (John Blanding)

A boy and his cat watch Dad shovelling the snow in Somerville. 

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A man looks pretty beat after digging out his car at 33 Walbridge Street in Allston. 

Looking toward the Madonna Shrine in East Boston at Orient and Seaview.

The last Blue line car to leave Orient Heights for downtown on the 6th. ( 

Cars lost in the snow on Farragut Road in South Boston.

Digging out at Pleasant Street in Charlestown. (Ulrike Welch) 

A look down Ocean Avenue near the Blue Line station in Revere. (Boston Globe)