North Shore, Massachusetts

Snow dumped off the streets of Swampscott near King's Beach. (Boston Globe)

An igloo in Beverly. It lasted 10 days. 

Accessing the damage at Salisbury Beach Center. (Jim Vaiknoris)

Waves roll into Marblehead. (Ulrike Welsch) 

The Plum Island Point evacuation point. (Jim Vaiknoris) 

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A baby enjoys the weather in Lynn.

A girl stands next to the sign at Hair Design by Donna in Lynn. 

Inn Street in Newburyport. (Jim Vaiknoris) 

A house ripped in half in Rockport. (Janet Knott) 

What was left of the Shaheen Building at Salisbury Beach Center. (Jim Vaiknoris) 

A contamination spill of unknown origin in Salem. 

 The National Guard blocked off Lowell Street in Peabody.

A 70's-era snowblower at 148 Western Ave. in Lynn, MA. 

Plum Island in Newburyport, north of Boston. (Jim Vaiknoris) 

A windswept building in Gloucester. ( 

Pile-ups on Route 1A at Hampton Beach. (Bryan Eaton) 

 Motif #1, one of the most recognizable buildings in the world was dumped into the ocean by the Blizzard.  It was later reconstructed. (Janet Knott)