People line up to get onto a packed bus as snow falls in Providence.

I-95 in Providence a few days after the storm.  The National Guard has plowed one lane going in the other direction.  The state house can be seen in the background. 

Commuters waiting for a bus in Providence as the storm picked up on February 6th. (Providence Journal) 

Empty shelves in Providence. (Daily Journal) 

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Cars stuck heading East on the Washington Bridge in Providence.

A 20-foot high Buddha in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Providence.  

A man walks through downtown Providence. (Providence Journal) 

Football players in Providence. (Providence Journal) 

A woman attempts to use a payphone in Providence. 

Two boys walk with their mother on Eddy St. near New York Ave. in Providence.

Abandoned buses in Providence.  

The state house in Providence, from above. (Providence Journal)

Zebras on the loose at the Roger Williams Zoo in Providence. (Providence Journal) 

Downtown Providence with buried cars.