A home lost in Revere.

Cars inundated with sea water from 1,000 feet away at the corner of Dolphin and Leverett in Revere. (Boston Globe) 

Getting a ride near Crescent Beach in Revere. (Martin O'Brien) 

A boy surveys the damage on Ocean View Avenue in Revere about 20 feet from the seawall. (Boston Globe)

A look down Ocean Avenue near the Blue Line station in Revere. (Boston Globe) 

Bermaken rooming house at Revere and Beach Ave. (Roger LeClair) 

A woman trudges through the snow on Dolphin Avenue in Revere on the Thursday after the storm. (Boston Globe) 

Revere Beach with one lane plowed outside Danny's and their "long, long dogs." 

The road is torn away at Beach Ave near A Street in Revere. (Roger LeClair)