Rhode Island

Between exits 21 and 22 on Route 95 in Rhode Island.

North Main Street looking toward Pawtucket Ave. 

At Pawtucket and Main Street. 

These cars can't reach the 55 cent gas at the Merit Station in Pawtucket. 

The chapel at St. George's School in Newport. 

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A rather odd looking plow on Route 95 in Pawtucket. A Howard Johnson's is buried behind.

A message to those above in Cranston, Rhode Island. 

Making their way on foot on Pawtucket Avenue. 

A woman makes good use of her skis in Greenville, Rhode Island. 

The middle of the intersection at Sayles and Pawtucket. 

Pawtucket's finest. 

A military chopper lands in the parking lot of an Anderson Little clothing store on North Main Street in Pawtucket.

As Rhode Island was waiting for federal aid, Massachusetts plowed to the border and then turned around.