South Shore

Homes ravaged by the storm along Peggotty Beach, Scituate.

Trampled homes along Rebecca Road in Scituate on February 9th. (Boston Globe) 

Scituate Light held up well during the storm, unlike other nearby structures. (Boston Globe)

On Chatham West Drive in Brockton. 

Brant Rock in Marshfield across from the Stone Chapel. 

Pigeon Cove in Rockport. 

A photo from Hull, possibly on Atlantic Hill. 

The surf hits Peggotty Beach. 

Taking a break in Easton, MA.  

Houses thrown about on the South Shore. 

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Homes thrown about on Lighthouse Road in Scituate. Today, homes on this street have been rebuilt on piers.  (Boston Globe) 

A seawall at Minot Beach in Scituate was broken apart.  Today the seawall is back and houses are bigger than ever. (Boston Globe)

The entrance to the Westgate Mall in Brockton. 

A girl with her snowman in Avon. 

A house in Norwell, MA. 

The Minot Lighthouse being hit by the storm.  (Boston Herald)

Destruction in Pigeon Cove. 

A wrecked house in Scituate. (Boston Globe)

Contemplating the devastation.  (Michael Tougias

A pleading sign on Lighthouse Road in Scituate.  

 Humarock Beach in Scituate.

A man climbs the debris on Town Way at Peggotty Beach in Scituate. Many of these homes were never rebuilt. (Boston Globe) 

On Scituate's Egypt Beach, Mrs. Joseph Conley inspects what is left of her house. The space is now empty. (Boston Globe)  

204 Chatham West Drive in Brockton. 

Chaos in Scituate. 

Kids play in an enormous pile of snow at BPM Supermarket in Brockton. 

A buried car in Scituate. (Bob Dean)

The caption from the Boston Herald-American reads "An elderly woman, evacuated from her home in Hull, is comforted by Cardinal Medeiros who toured the devastated community.

Charlie's Clam Shack in Marshfield.  

One way to get around Brockton.